Case Study


  • An empty tub enters the starwheel it rotates which moves the tub to the filling station 

  • The tub is filled

  • Tub rotates once more to the capping station to get capped.

  • The tub is pushed out of the starwheel as it indexes once more to end the cycle.


  • The pockets that the tub sits into have to be loose enough for the tub to enter smoothly but tight enough to ensure that the tub is capped in the correct position this required a lot of prototyping

  • The component is quite big therefore is heavy we had to remove a lot of material to ensure the starwheel is lightweight yet the component was a peculiar shape which meant if we removed too much material from one surface it would have warped

  • This component was going into a particularly harsh environment with a lot of chlorine and dust this mean we had to spec the material accordingly