Case Study

About the job

  • This was a very time-sensitive job

  • Machines Were running day and night

  • 5 tonnes of material procured within 2 days

  • Manufactured in an extremely short timeframe

  • The component had to withstand temperature ranges from -80 to 20 degrees

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The process to manufacture this component

  • Discuss the exact needs and application with the Customer/client

  • Create a preliminary drawing arrange another meeting with the client/customer and discuss again

  • With the customer happy with the design we send them a sample vial tray/component

  • The sample is discussed and on this job no further changes were needed

  • Quote is provided by Machinelab

  • Material is sourced and ordered instantly

  • Jigs and fixtures are made to aid in producing large volumes of this component (these help our machines become more automated and run more than one part at a time in this particular case we ran 14 parts at a time)

  • Client/customer sent the sample back to use to use as a quality reference  

  • Quality checks/processes are put in place

  • Vial trays are programmed using cam software

  • Machines running day and night producing high volumes of this component

  • Components go to our QC station one they pass our quality checks They are wrapped securely packed and sent to the customer

  • We call the customer to ensure they received the Trays and to make sure everything is ok.